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This community platform is an additional feature to the Y-click Concept and is available as a business opportunity in the MYP Network. Y-Click Community is an interactive platform that serves as a resolution centre, allowing the public and local businesses in Mauritius to reach out and receive support from their local government and authorities. And for the local government to communicate and provide information to the public and businesses, and enable the public to request, book and opt in for local government services, events and public facilities.

This application is offered to Municipal and District Councils free of charge, as part of MYP's CSR. The same application can be utilised by private organisations who can access it via a subscription fee. Ideal for gated communities, apartment complexes, shopping centres it facilitates communication between local communities, governments, and businesses for smoother issue handling.

Market Potential

Societal issues often go unreported to local authorities or face delays in resolution. Y-Click Community thus improves communication, enabling real-time awareness for authorities to address issues promptly. This empowers locals to feel heard, supported, and find timely solutions for a better quality of life.

Key objectives

  • Community engagement,
  • Improve responsiveness,
  • Improve communication,
  • Foster transparency,
  • User-friendly interface.

Candidate’s Skills

Do you want to positively impact your neighbourhood and Mauritius’ citizens? Join us with your skills and dedication to contribute to this groundbreaking platform for the local community. Below are listed the main skills that you should possess or acquire to be part of this business opportunity:

What is required:

  • Adaptability,
  • Problem-solving,
  • Time management,
  • Attention to detail,
  • Communication and editorial skills in English and/or French.

Source of Revenue

Revenue streams including subscription fees for advanced features, sponsorships and partnerships and ads, collectively support the platform's operations while contributing to enhanced governance and community engagement. Below are listed the admin panel’s main source of revenue:

What is required:

  • Advertising,
  • Sponsored articles,
  • Subscriptions,
  • Classified ads,
  • Marketing affiliations.

Project Status

Y Click Community is a business opportunity in development. The interface has been designed and requires implementation. Both backend and frontend development are needed, followed by testing to ensure functionality. The platform will be available in both English and French.

What is required:

  • Content Creators: Editorial and graphic,
  • Web and hosting maintenance,
  • Project coordinator,
  • Support team,
  • Database administrator.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Candidates' commitment is crucial for the success of this venture. We seek individuals with entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to drive Y Click Community forward. For instance, teamwork, trust, resilience and adaptability are fundamental elements. Beyond just an entrepreneurial spirit, possessing a genuine commitment to enhancing the local community is paramount to unleashing the potential of this platform, which holds the power to make a substantial impact in Mauritius and, as we expand, in other regions across Africa.


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