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For easy administration of our system, with maximum benefit to both parties, each franchisee should be on the same program; this begins with a uniform contract that is non-negotiable.

MYP can provide you with a letter of clarification, addressing the specific point or points you are not familiar with. When you read the contract, even if you are not an attorney, you will feel that the contract is written from the company's perspective. It may not seem fair, or reasonable, especially given that we do not negotiate language or terms.

This dynamic is not as negative as it may seem at first. One of the main goals of the franchise agreement is to protect the franchise system as a whole. This includes the brand, integrity of the operating system and franchisees' businesses collectively. We believe we can accomplish this objective best through a firm and clear contract.

You will find that the franchise agreement is full of "must-dos." Within the very first reading, you will see that the franchise contract contains a lot of rules. It will very clearly outline things you must do regularly in conjunction with operating your business. These rules will help you understand and prioritise while operating your business to attain success. That is why specific rules are spelled out in the contract - so there is no chance for misunderstanding their importance.

To verify any contractual "must-do" rules, call a few existing franchisees and ask about them. If you find yourself uncomfortable with any of these mandatory contractual provisions, even after discussing them with existing franchisees and the company, you should find a different franchise to pursue.

The agreement is also full of "cannot-dos." This is the counterpoint to "must-do" rules. The franchise agreement outlines, in detail, a number of things you are forbidden from doing while operating your business. Many of these "cannot-do" rules are common sense, such as non-circumvents. If we, the franchisor, is going to provide you with support, insight to online trade secrets and operating techniques, then we do not want you to operate using its knowledge unless you are a part of our network/system.

Many of the remaining "cannot-do" rules are in place to protect the network/system and all franchisees from any rogue actions from a fellow franchisee. Keep in mind, another franchisee is going to be operating what is basically a similar business right down the road from you. That person's behaviour in operating his or her business has a significant impact on your operations and success.


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