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This career portal is available as a business opportunity in the MYP Network. Maur Jobs concept for a comprehensive platform that simplifies the job search process in Mauritius. It centralises job listings across diverse industries, providing features such as resume uploading, job application tracking, personalised job alerts, and access to valuable career resources. Moreover, Maur Jobs fosters networking opportunities by connecting users with recruiters, employers, and professionals, ultimately aiming to streamline job searches and enhance career development. It can be integrated with other web platforms to create synergy i.e. Online business directory, Yellow Pages.

Market Potential

Globally, 30% of individuals are actively seeking jobs, while 70% are passive, yet open to opportunities. With about 36,000 unemployed individuals in Mauritius and projections indicating a rise, this platform serves as a valuable tool connecting job seekers and service providers with recruiters.

Key Objectives:

  • User-friendly interface,
  • Multilingual support,
  • Expand reach for employers,
  • Streamline job application process,
  • Offer entrepreneurship opportunities.

Candidate’s Skills

Help enhance the standard of living in Mauritius, by providing job seekers with a range of opportunities. Contribute in developing the site of administering it, your skills can make an impact. Below are listed the main skills that you should possess or acquire to be part of this business opportunity:

What is required:

  • Strong writing skills in English and/or French,
  • Adaptability,
  • Marketing expertise,
  • Problem-solving,
  • Attention to detail.

Source of Revenue

The revenue stream includes job posting fees to advertise positions, recruitment services, premium subscriptions, display advertising and partnerships. This sustains platform operations while providing valuable services to both job seekers and employers. Below are listed the its main source of revenue:

What is required:

  • Advertising,
  • Sponsored articles,
  • Subscription and premium listing,
  • Classified ads,
  • Marketing affiliations.

Project Status

This platform is a concept requiring further development. This entails market research to identify user needs, backend development, testing, and launching with marketing strategies. Continuous monitoring, updates, and user feedback drive ongoing improvements. It will operate in English and French.

What is required:

  • Content Creators: Editorial and graphic
  • Web and hosting maintenance,
  • Legal compliance,
  • Sales and marketing,
  • Customer support.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Candidates' commitment is crucial for the success of this venture. We seek individuals with entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to drive Maur Jobs forward. For instance, teamwork, trust, resilience and adaptability are fundamental elements. Your ideas pave the path to the venture’s success, attracting job seekers and employers. By partnering with us, you will not only become a member of a dynamic community, but also seize the opportunity to create a significant influence in the employment sector in Mauritius. Join us to connect, engage and support the local community.


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