A concept for a social media platform is available as a business opportunity in the MYP Network. Kirole serves as a local digital space where individuals in Mauritius can connect, share, and engage with each other in a secure and authentic environment. To maintain the integrity of the community, Kirole requires users to register using their mobile phones, preventing the creation of fake accounts. Users have the option to connect with family and friends, limit interactions to only family or friends, and decide whether they want their profile to be visible or private. The platform also provides updates on local events and businesses, fostering a sense of community and enabling users to stay connected with what is happening in Mauritius.

Market Potential

With nearly 900,000 active social media users in Mauritius, over a population of 1.2 million, this local social media tailored for residents of the island is promising. Cultivating a feeling of community, security and authenticity, it appeals to locals of all ages, local influencers and businesses.

Key Objectives:

  • User-friendly interface,
  • Foster community engagement,
  • Support local influencers and businesses,
  • Facilitate meaningful connections,
  • Enhance online security.

Candidate’s Skills

Want to be part of something innovative? Join our dynamic team to develop this vibrant social media in Mauritius. Help us build and strengthen meaningful connections across the island. Below are listed the main skills that you should possess or acquire to be part of this business opportunity:

What is required:

  • Strong writing skills in English and/or French,
  • Tech savvy,
  • Marketing expertise,
  • Problem-solving,
  • Attention to detail.

Source of Revenue

Premium features offer enhanced functionality, advertising enables user promotions, and influencer marketing taps into social media personalities' reach. These methods provide diverse opportunities for local brands and the public to thrive on social media. Below are listed the its main source of revenue:

What is required:

  • Advertising,
  • Sponsored articles,
  • Premium features,
  • Classified ads,
  • Influencer marketing.

Project Status

This social media platform concept requires further development. It will involve the planning and designing of its architecture and user experience, coding the front-end and back-end, testing, market research, deployment and iterative improvement. It will operate in both English and French language.

What is required:

  • Content Creators: Editorial and graphic
  • Web and hosting maintenance,
  • Project manager,
  • Sales and marketing,
  • Customer support.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Candidates' commitment is crucial for the success of this venture. We seek individuals with entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to drive Kirole forward. For instance, teamwork, trust, resilience and adaptability are fundamental elements. By partnering with us, you will not only become a member of a dynamic community, but also seize the opportunity to create a significant influence in the media sector in Mauritius. Seize the opportunity to shape the way this platform connects and inspires residents of the island.


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