Holiday Rentals

This holiday rental platform is available as a business opportunity in the MYP Network. The Indian Ocean is home to accommodation gems for different types of travellers. The site enables holiday rental providers to advertise their property, offers and enable visitors to book online. From cosy Bed & Breakfast to beach villas, chic studios and charming lodges, our platform offers options to suit every budget and preference. The portal thus, provides comprehensive information to empower travellers to make informed decisions before booking. The platform is also of potential use for other types of holiday rentals including catamarans and cars, and can be in synergy with other opportunities within the network as Rent A Car.MU.

Market Potential

With online sales projected to constitute 76% of the Holiday Rentals market revenue by 2028, this platform addresses diverse options for different preferences and provides comprehensive information. Additionally, it attracts holiday rental providers by enhancing visibility, thus increasing bookings.

Key objectives

  • Support local accommodation providers,
  • Comprehensive information,
  • User convenience,
  • Promote sustainable accommodation,
  • Online booking facilities.

Candidate’s Skills

Guide travellers to the precious gems scattered across various locations in the Indian Ocean. Join our team to curate captivating content and contribute to a seamless travel process for visitors. Below are listed the main skills that you should possess or acquire to be part of this business opportunity:

What is required:

  • Strong writing skills in English and/or French,
  • Communication,
  • Cultural sensitivity,
  • Time management,
  • Attention to detail.

Source of Revenue

Our revenue streams, comprising advertising, sponsored articles, listings for enhanced holiday rentals’ visibility, commissions on bookings, and marketing affiliations, ensure financial sustainability and foster strategic alliances within the travel industry. Below are listed its main source of revenue:

What is required:

  • Advertising,
  • Sponsored articles,
  • Listing fees and premium features,
  • Commissions on bookings,
  • Marketing affiliations.

Project Status

Holiday Rentals is an active opportunity that requires further development. This includes market research, content in English and French, images, user-friendly interface design, backend systems, feature integration, testing, and continuous iteration. Also seeking holiday rental providers to enlist.

What is required:

  • Content creation: Editorial and graphic,
  • Web and hosting maintenance,
  • Customer support,
  • Sales and marketing,
  • Travel and tourism connections.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Candidates' commitment is crucial for the success of this venture. We seek individuals with entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to drive Holiday Rentals forward. For instance, teamwork, trust, resilience and adaptability are fundamental elements. These qualities are not only essential for navigating the challenges of a startup environment but also for fostering a culture of innovation and growth. Their collaborative contributions will enable us to create a significant market impact in the Indian Ocean.


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