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This advertisement platform is available as a business opportunity in the MYP Network. Advertising Mauritius helps businesses enhance their visibility, and others to generate revenue on their website traffic. The web application provides the entrepreneur with the tools setup of advertisers, setup of banner advertising space on third party's websites and creates zones so as to control banner impressions of various advertisers. This enables businesses to promote their products and services or simply create brand exposure.

The platform is just one service outlet within this business opportunity, as the website promotes multiple forms of advertisement. It is in synergy with other online opportunities within the network such as

Market Potential

Considering that the projected market volume for advertising in Mauritius is expected to reach 18.4 million USD by 2028, this platform offers targeted, measurable, and cost-effective campaigns, enabling extensive reach, and increased brand exposure for audience engagement. Its main objectives are to:

Key Objectives:

  • Reach expansion,
  • Brand awareness,
  • Conversion optimisation,
  • Cross-channel integration,
  • Provide tools to advertisers.

Candidate’s Skills

Do you thrive in dynamic environments where creativity meets innovation? You are in the right place. Join and shine with our passionate team to shape the future of advertising in Mauritius. Below are listed the main skills that you should possess or acquire to be part of this business opportunity:

What is required:

  • Creativity,
  • Technical proficiency,
  • Communication,
  • Time management,
  • Attention to detail.

Source of Revenue

Enabling photographers and videographers to monetise their content, the audiovisual gallery generates revenue through diverse collaborations and premium content distribution as well as direct sales through e-commerce. Below are listed its main source of revenue:

What is required:

  • Ad placement fees,
  • Creative services: Editorial and graphic,
  • Subscription and premium features,
  • Partnerships and affiliations,
  • Sponsored articles.

Project Status

Advertising Mauritius is an opportunity requiring further development. While the site is live, its content remains limited, needing expansion. Securing advertisers is paramount, and bilingual operation in English and French is required. Thus, rigorous testing and ongoing maintenance are essential.

What is required:

  • Content Creators: Editorial and graphic,
  • Web and hosting maintenance,
  • Customer support,
  • Sales and marketing,
  • Strategic partnerships.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Candidates' commitment is crucial for the success of this venture. We seek individuals with entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to drive Advertising Mauritius forward. For instance, teamwork, trust, resilience and adaptability are fundamental elements. Mauritius has more to promote than Sun, Sand and Sea. Get onboard to promote the local businesses on the island, ensure economic growth and have a significant impact on the media sector and beyond in Mauritius.


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